The Office



The Buenos Advogados® is a Law Office, in Brazil, created to provide integrated solutions throughout the lifetime of a company. Since the feasibility analysis, preparation of business plan and choosing the best legal form for its constitution; through analysis of projects and risks, administrative and corporate restructuring, regardless of its segment or region of operation.

Has had its establishment in 1975 as a "legal boutique office". During this period, the focus was on providing services geared to individuals in claims against private or government entities.

In 1998 began, for domestic and foreign companies, to provide advices and legal consulting services.Since then,the Buenos Advogados has encouraged the practices that lead to open innovation, enabling the reduction of costs, mainly in Research & Development through the dissemination of available and produced content.

In 2004 was began a new phase for the Buenos Advogados, with its approach to Foreign Commerce and International Trade operators. At that time, the board decided to be internationally known as Buenos International Advocacy™.

With the expansion of its operations in 2013, were decided that the office will no longer accept new customers in non-related areas to Foreign Commerce and International Trade, becoming thus the first Brazilian Law Office expert in such industries.

Our staff remains constantly updated, due to the continuous learning requirement in our online world that requires to carry out their educational levels above average assignments, ensuring the level of excellence required by the global competition.In this sense, our members have high-tech equipment to ensure the best possible performance for an agile decision-making process, with a continuous flow in the exchange of information between Buenos International Advocacy, our clients and others involved to take decision.

Given the intimate local knowledge, time in the market, qualification of the professionals, confidentiality and the application of competitive and internal benchmarking,Buenos International Advocacy generate greater value to its customers by becoming an essential stakeholder for sustainable growth.

To help Brazilian importers and exporters, and international parties that want to stablish deals with Brazilian traders, we can be your most important stakeholder.