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The Buenos Advogados law office is aware of its social responsibility, strongly engaged in being a "B corporation" (benefit corporation) to and for this reason encourages its employees to participate in projects to transform man and society, like:

· Agenda 2020 is a movement that unites gauchos to act in search of a better future. Agenda 2020 organizes concrete proposals of interest to the society of Rio Grande do Sul. It is quality of life. Since March 2006, gauchos from all sectors are acting in search of solutions for Rio Grande. Currently, 6 themes are being addressed with priority: Basic Education, Social Security, Investment, Logistics, Sanitation and Technology Parks.

· The Food Banks Network of Rio Grande do Sul was created in 2007 with the objective of supporting and stimulating the creation of new Food Banks in Brazil, in addition to strengthening existing Banks. Currently, the Network has 16 Associated Food Banks in Rio Grande do Sul and one in Rio de Janeiro, which together benefit 803 institutions, donating 383 thousand kilos of food per month.

· The Brazilian Red Cross, a branch of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (CVB-RS), has been present in the state since 1940, providing permanent community care services, psychosocial care, socio-professional qualification and social security. Through the Departments of Education and Health, Volunteering and Relief and Disasters, it develops preventive actions to promote health and improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations.

· Scouting, founded by Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell in 1907, is a worldwide, educational, voluntary, non-profit, non-profit movement. His proposal is the development of the young person, through a value system that prioritizes honor, based on the Promise and the Girl Scout Law, and through the practice of teamwork and outdoor living, make the young person assume Their own growth, become an example of brotherhood, loyalty, altruism, responsibility, respect, and discipline.

· The Federation of Commerce of Goods and Services of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Fecomércio-RS) is a higher-level trade union entity that integrates the Confederation System of Trade Union Representation of Commerce (Sicomércio), referred to in Article 8, Subsection IV of the Federal Constitution.

· The Gaucho Foundation of Social Banks - Solidarity Industry - was conceived and instituted by the Citizenship Council of the Federation of Industries of Rio Grande do Sul (FIERGS), with the aim of more effectively inserting Gaucho entrepreneurship in the area of ocial Responsibility, and Also provide legal nature and facilitate the operationalization of the Social Banking Project. The project aims to "Transform the Waste into Social Benefit", offering to poor communities industrial surplus of the most diverse segments, besides providing them with training courses, and mainly, introducing the techniques of "Business Management" to the third Sector.

· Junior Achievement is a non-profit educational association maintained by the private sector, whose purpose is to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit among young people, while at school, stimulating their personal development, providing a clear vision of the business world and facilitating access to the market Of work.

· The main goal of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) is to advance in practice, science and the profession of project management around the world, in a conscious and proactive manner, so that organizations everywhere support, value And use project management - and then assign your successes to it.

· Rotary International is an international organization of professionals and business people, leaders in their fields, who provide humanitarian services, promote a high standard of ethics in all professions and help to establish peace and goodwill in the world.

In addition to the institutions listed above, the professionals of the Buenos Advogados are part of several committees of the OAB-RS.