Labor Relations

labor relations.

Due to the lack of clear concepts about norms and procedures as well as the non-application of existing ones, they put the company at risk to possible demands in the social security and labor areas. The professionals of the Buenos Advogados are constantly updated with the most current interpretations of the legislation related to the performance of their company.

Labor Evaluation

For the reduction of labor and social security liabilities, the professionals of the Buenos Advogados conduct an analysis of the history of the labor lawsuits closed and follow up of those in progress, classifying according to the plaintiff and nature of the requests.

As soon as the data cataloging is finished, an opinion is presented with the faults, and we orient ourselves in the adoption of procedures that will reduce the value of the agreements and convictions in arbitration proceedings, as well as in the Labor Court.

With the on-site verification we can verify the work safety and occupational health of the workers, so we advise on the procedures to be adopted by the assisted company in order to reduce their labor liabilities.

Legal Advice

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Legal Opinion

Given the abundance of market forces and the unique features of your business, you will eventually need personalized advice and on-demand advice. In this sense, Buenos Advogados has professionals prepared to solve issues that have at its core a complex interpretation of legislation, normative or customary instruction in labor and social security procedures.


Our Labor Department provides assistance related to the hiring or subcontracting of work forms, specialized or not of workers.

Buenos Advogados also assists in social security claims.


Buenos Advogados assists in the fulfillment of the requirements of Social Security, regarding the filing of documents, calculations, estimates and other necessities that your company may have with the INSS. When your company decides to offer or extend private pension benefits, Buenos Advogados offers support throughout the process of choosing the most appropriate contract.


Given the current global corporate scenario, where competition is constantly increasing, Buenos Advogados assists in the hiring and transfer of peripheral services, aiming at reducing internal costs and making it possible to maintain focus on the end activity.

The transmission of activities through the company seeks to transfer the risk while taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise of external companies in specific areas, giving greater visibility to costs and enabling better control and security.