Commercial Defense

commercial defense.

The Department of Government Relations of Buenos Advogados maintains contact with the Department of Trade Defense (DECOM) of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC), and has the necessary competence to follow the demand of its clients in matters of Commercial Defense.

The Trade Defense, Anti-Dumping and Safeguard measures can only be applied in cases where it is possible to prove the existence of dumping or subsidy from the exporting country, as well as the existence of damage to the domestic production sector caused by any of these unfair measures Of trade.

Anti-Dumping Measure

The Buenos Advogados helps its clients in the identification of the existence of Dumping, which is the practice of price distortions, being considered an unfair trade practice.

Legal Advice

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Legal Opinion

Given the abundance of market forces and the unique features of your business, you will eventually need personalized advice and on-demand advice. In this sense, Buenos Advogados has professionals prepared to solve issues that have in their core a complex interpretation of the legislation, normative or customary instruction in procedures that impact on Commercial Defense.

Safeguard Right - Compensatory Law

The existence of Safeguard is more complex than the existence of Dumping, because in order to have Safeguard, we need the following hypotheses:

Configures itself as an advantage to the exporter;

There is in the exporting country any form of income or price support that directly or indirectly contributes to increasing exports or reducing imports of any product; or,Financial contribution by a government or public agency within the territory of the exporting country.

In this way, since there is evidence that the government of the exporting country subscribed to a particular industry or sector of the economy, we can file a Safeguard / Compensatory Law request to protect the domestic industry.